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White-Capped Pionus

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White-capped pionus parrots are actually stunning, interested, intelligent birds that can easily create exceptional pets for the right people. Not every person is actually well satisfied to care for one of these birds, particularly thinking about that they can reside for 30 years or even more. The littlest of the 8 pionus species, it is spunky for a pionus, yet still laid back reviewed to other parrots, like Amazons, macaws, or cockatoos.

Variety Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: White-capped pionus, white-cap pionus, white-crowned pionus, white-crowned parrot

TAXONOMIC NAME: Pionus seniors

GROWNUP SIZE: 9 to 10 inches, scalp to rear; examining between 7 as well as 8 ounces


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Source and History

The white-capped pionus is belonging to the woods and woodlands of Central America and Mexico. Typically, they reside in woods and also dense growth, nesting in weak plant trunks as well as palms. Discovered in flocks of about one number of birds, these are actually usually noiseless and also tranquil creatures.


White-capped pionus are actually understood to be spirited as well as absurd, as well as sweet, affectionate little birds. They are actually brilliant and take properly to instruction when their proprietors are regular as well as calm. When given social interaction as well as mental excitement from participating in as well as learning secrets, these parrots thrive.

These birds tend to receive timid around unknown people. Around their owners, they just like to hang out on shoulders or arms, dance, participating in, and also waiting for a chance to create a game away from stealing items like markers or even buttons. They often tend to acquire affixed to a bachelor whom they count on the best.

You will certainly need to maintain a close eye on this bird when it runs out the crate. It has an infamously interested nature and also can easily get involved in issue if not closely monitored.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Like various other pionus parrots, the white-capped birds have a credibility and reputation for being actually a little quieter than other hookbill parrots and bring in a terrific apartment bird. A houseful of screaming youngsters, howling dogs, and also blasting televisions may easily instruct the sedate pionus to be actually raucous.

They perform have the capability to talk, but usually clam up around those they aren’t knowledgeable about. Pionus are certainly not the greatest talkers, yet some have an exceptional vocabulary. Their talking vocal isn’t always crystal clear as well as is typically a little scratchy, but a manager can commonly construct out what their bird is actually stating. Often, they will definitely know a few easy phrases like their name, the title of individuals in your home, and also will duplicate a lot more common seem like whistles, whispers, beeps, as well as animal audios.

White-capped Pionus Colors and Markings

Compared to grownups, juvenile white-capped pionus are shabby and dull appearing. As young birds, this attribute aids maintain all of them masked from killers in the wild.

Fully grown grown-up white-capped pionus are dark as well as usually fresh blue. It has yellow-green patches on their shoulders, and also as along with all pionus, red plumes on the underside of their rears.

The white-capped pionus is actually a monomorphic species, suggesting it is difficult to say to guys from the women based upon appearances alone. This bird demands a genetics test or even a medical sexing method to find out sexual activity.

Taking care of the White-capped Pionus

Crates utilized to house Amazons appropriate for white-capped pionus parrots. Consider a crate that is at least 4 feet high and also 4 feet long by 2 feet broad. Pub space should be actually no larger than 3/4-inch.

Pionus parrots might produce a hissing sound when frightened or delighted, which a proprietor may oversight for a medical disorder. Pionus likewise send out a musky or sweet stench that some caretakers locate undesirable, but others like.

Guarantee they acquire a bathtub consistently, and also do not hold back to take all of them with you in the shower.

Common Health Problems

Pionus parrots are susceptible to fungal diseases, natural gout arthritis (a renal contamination), as well as aspergillosis, which is actually suggested through massive, hard breathing. They might additionally lean to vitamin A deficiency.

Diet plan and also Nutrition

In bush, pionus parrots eat fruits, berries, seeds, blooms, as well as corn. In captivity, white-capped pionus needs to be supplied a high quality seed as well as pellet mix, together with a range of fresh foods items like bird-safe fruits and vegetables. White-capped pionus affection eating corn, specifically corn on the cob, thus be sure to make it a routine treat for these charming birds.

Occupying your bird with brand new foods is actually certainly not simply nutritionally valuable, but it additionally provides vital psychological excitement for your feathered buddy. You may give them an infinite quantity of pellet meals; they will just eat what they require. As for new fruit products and also veggies, give regarding a 1/8 to 1/4 mug in the morning as well as in the evening.

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All pionus parrots are energetic birds and require 3 to 4 hours of physical exercise away from the cage each day to remain healthy and balanced. If you can easily certainly not supply outside-of-cage time, this bird will require a substantial cage or bird sanctuary to receive substantial physical exercise.

Supervise playtime to create certain that your bird performs certainly not get in to just about anything that might be actually dangerous or even otherwise harmful. Amusements can consist of climbing ropes, establishments, alarms, parrot swings, as well as other or even wood bird playthings.

Where to Adopt or Buy a White-capped Pionus

Monitor the birds as well as know direct what it is actually like to stay along with a white-capped pionus on a day-to-day manner. White-capped pionus are actually typically available from bird breeders as well as some bird specialty shops. Some adoptions or even saves that may possess white-capped pionus include:

  • Birds Now
  • Take on a Pet
  • Hoobly

If you’re going the dog breeder path, make sure that the dog breeder is trusted through inquiring the length of time they’ve been reproducing white-capped pionus parrots. Properly assess a bird just before taking it house. A healthy bird looks out, active, has vivid eyes, well-maintained plumes, and total crops.

White-capped pionus parrots are stunning, interested, smart birds that can bring in excellent pet dogs for the right folks. The tiniest of the eight pionus types, it is feisty for a pionus, but still set back contrasted to other parrots, like Amazons, macaws, or cockatoos.

White-capped pionus are understood to be tough and also comical, as effectively as pleasant, loving little birds. White-capped pionus love consuming corn, especially corn on the cob, therefore create sure to create it a regular snack for these lovely birds.

White-capped pionus are normally accessible from bird dog breeders as well as some avian specialty establishments.